Friday 13 September 2013

Chez French Foodie

After our little break in Paris we visited my parents in their little cottage at the border of the Limousin and Auvergne regions. The main village is 3 km from where my parents live, it looks very French, a bit like in the movie Chocolat.

We spent a week being pampered by my parents, drinking wine at every meal except breakfast, and practising the art of overindulging at its best.

Waking up to fresh bread and croissants my dad bought in the bakery while I was still sleeping.

Soaking up the sun in the garden while having the sweetest of breakfasts.

Eating food brought from the market by my mam at lunch time.

Picking blackberries for Maman French Foodie to make jam.

Having aperitif in the garden before dinner.

Eating lots of barbecued meat.

We also had to burn off all those calories by walking or running in the amazing countryside.

We did a bit of sightseeing too but I keep this for some future posts. We spent a week in heaven I have to say!

Have you been to France this summer? Where abouts?