Thursday 17 October 2013

French Foodie in Dublin: Best Personal Blog & Best Newcomer Blog

Last Saturday my baby blog 'French Foodie in Dublin' was awarded Best Personal Blog and Best Newcomer at Blog Awards Ireland 2013. Oh la la!

I wasn't at the ceremony but while I was nursing Mr. FFID who was dying on the sofa with the worst man-flu ever (poor me having to deal with that), I got lots of tweets congratulating me. Wow! I didn't expect it at all. Merci, merci, merci!

As you can probably guess, I love blogging and I'm delighted to see that people enjoy my little virtual, personal space. Lately the blog has became very interactive which is great to see. Many people who follow me on social media are very supportive and I have met some lovely readers on my tours too. It's a weird experience to meet strangers who actually know about your life after reading your blog, a good weird though.

Thanks to Emily who picked up the awards for me and also featured me on her blog this week. Have a little look here!

Merci again everyone for reading the blog, it means a lot to me!