Monday 21 October 2013

Platform, 7 Strand Rd, Bray

You may have noticed that I rarely review places outside Dublin City Centre. I live in the heart of the city so for me anything outside Dublin 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7 is a bit of a trek.

A few weeks ago Mr. FFID and I were going to Bray for a birthday party and wanted to have dinner beforehand. Someone on Twitter suggested Platform and after looking at their website we decided that pizza and wine sounded like a good plan, plus the restaurant is just besides the Dart station.

I had a big crush on the interior of Platform, with its industrial decor and a big open kitchen.

The room was quite dark and candle lit, which created an intimate atmosphere even if the place was very busy. 

Mr. FFID is a smoker (bad, bad Mr. FFID!) and as the weather was quite good that night we decided to eat al fresco. I liked it because I could see the seafront and feel the salty air on my face.

Platform's menu offer small bites, different kinds of wings, tempting flat breads, salads, pizzas and mains.

I knew exactly which pizza Mr. FFID would go for.

Ladies and Gents, this is breakfast on a pizza! Breakfast sausage, black pudding, crispy bacon, mushroom, a fried egg and of course some mozzarella cheese. Verdict? If you love the Irish breakfast and enjoy pizza then it might just be your perfect meal. Not the lightest but the dough is thin and crispy so it's not too heavy even with the rich toppings. An interesting creation that made my Irish man happy.

I went for something a bit less adventurous but nevertheless delicious. My pizza was topped with goats cheese, mozzarella, pancetta, walnuts and maple syrup. The caramelised walnuts were just lovely and crunchy and I loved the sweet/savoury combination. It was quite filling so one pizza between 2 people might even have been enough.

It was a very reasonably priced meal (€11 for the breakfast pizza and €12 for mine) and service was great, our waitress was bubbly and very friendly. If you find yourself in Bray and want somewhere cool, this is the place. Make sure to check out their quirky bathroom. The waitress pointed at what looked like a wardrobe (pictured above) and I got confused, but this is actually the bathroom door. I wish Platform was in Dublin!

7 Strand Rd, Bray
Co. Wicklow

PS: Sorry about the bad quality of the pics but it was very dark and I had my iPhone!

This is an independent review, I paid for my meal.