Saturday 2 November 2013

Au revoir October! French Foodie's Instagram

1. Colourful Moore street market in the sunshine, on my way to the bakery
2. Délicieux coq au vin at La Maison during my French Food tours 
3. Sunset over the river Liffey

4. Salted caramel chouxbiz and mini Paris-Brest from Cocoa Atelier
5. Nutella & banana crepe from Crepes in the City
6. Map of the North Side by Fatti Burke and Shane Kenna
7. Cocktails with a friend at Damson Diner
8. Nibbles at Emily Westbrook's Lifestyle blogger meet up at Peperina
9. My new favourite drink: Zaconey

10. First Raclette of the winter at home, so cosy!
11. Pretty chair and pumpkin in Cow's Lane
12. Hipster Tintin at Jam Art Factory
13. Great street art piece by ADW on Camden Street
14. Love the new pear macaron from Cocoa Atelier
15. Mr. FFID carved an Eiffel tower into our pumpkin
16. Beautiful Italian food at Terra Madre
17. In love with Bash, a new Irish wedding magazine
18. My piece about my 5 top sandwiches in Service Magazine

19. Street art on Camden street
20. My only French breakfast of the month
21. Meet my cat Yoda
22. Amazing hot chocolate and scones with friends at Brother Hubbard
23. Giant skeleton at Dublin Castle
24. A big Irish sun
25. Carved pumpkins at Fallon and Byrne
26. Delighted to be featured in Image Magazine
27. Homemade tapas at home

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I hope you had a great October month, admired a few of the stunning sunsets we had in Dublin and got spooky for Halloween. I found myself eating more melted cheese and sweet stuff than usual, that must be the colder weather... Also I tend to eat out less and cook more these days, I'm getting ready to hibernate, just kidding. Don't worry, I'll still review a few places soon. Have a great November everyone!