Thursday, 7 November 2013

Food for meat lovers: French Foodie's Top 5

Love meat? Here is a little round up of five meaty dishes recommended by FFID. Some of them are perfect hangover cures or dream drunk food. Vegetarians, please look away!

Bison Bar, 11 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2;
Pulled pork, ribs, beef brisket, sausage links, split chicken, they have it all. The perfect spot for any BBQ and/or whiskey lovers out there. The first time I visited I liked it and then I returned many times for a casual meal or when I was hungover and loved it! My personal favourite is the rack of ribs, can't get enough of them.

Whitefriar Grill, 16 Aungier Street, Dublin 2;
Last time Mr. FFID had the meat sweats was in Whitefriar Grill. He order their spicy chicken wings with blue cheese dips and celery sticks (€ 8) for starter followed by... Wait for it... Their 8oz rump steak AND sticky bbq ribs with thick cut chips (€23.50). Probably the ideal meal for the very special meat lover in your life, in a funky little restaurant.

Bunsen, 36 Wexford street, Dublin 2;
Craving for a massive burger? Look no further. Bunsen burger is a hipster burger joint on Wexford street and serve burgers made with locally sourced ingredients. Try the double cheeseburger and you'll never be hungry again. They also sell craft beer to help you wash it down.

Chez Max, 1 Palace Street, Dublin 2;
Being French I have to throw in a little steak frites in there. You want a romantic meal BUT you need your massive meat fix? Their fries are very thin, golden brown and the portion is very generous. Their steak is one of my favourites on their menu. You have the choice betweem the bearnaise, blue cheese or pepper sauce. Garçon! Un steak frites s'il-vous plaît!

Herb Street, Hanover Quay, Dublin 2;
Looking for a hangover cure? Herb Street is a cool spot for brunch. Their Herbstreet brunch (or full Irish) consists of grilled Irish bacon, grilled sausage, scrambled or fried eggs, Tournafulla black pudding, corned beef hash, roast tomato and toasted organic multiseed spelt bread. It's not cheap, €12 but if you're too lazy to cook it yourself and your hangover needs it... Go for it!

Any other recommendations? Fire away!

Disclaimer: French Foodie in Dublin isn't responsible for any weight gain or meat sweats that may occur after reading this blog post.