Monday 31 March 2014

K Chido Mexico, Smithfield, Dublin 7

Blog update: K Chido is now closed

While the gourmet sandwich is increasingly becoming popular in the Irish capital, the food truck phenomenon hasn't really hit us yet. Cities like New York and London are experts on the subject and even conservative Paris followed the trend last year.  So do we have any food trucks in Dublin I hear you ask? Of course we do, not many but I had to check out the funkiest one: K Chido Mexico.

K Chido Mexico is a Mexican food truck parked in the entrance of Fegans on Chancery Street in Dublin 7. You can't really miss it, the front wall has colourful Mexican themed graffiti all over it.

The vintage truck painted in pink and turquoise is totally cute.

There is a sitting area with tables and benches made out of pallets, the decoration is simple and cheerful with a few little Mexican touches.

The menu is short and sweet:breakfast burrito, fajita, tacos, quesadilla and nachos. They also sell soft drinks as well as Ariosa coffee and tea.

I've heard good reports about their breakfast burrito but was more tempted by their pulled pork tacos.

The dish is served in a little piece of cardboard, at the bottom of which you'll find refried beans and mexican rice topped with the tacos. The soft corn tortillas are toasted and filled with tender pulled pork in a chipotle citrus marinade, avocado, lettuce and red onion, with salsa verde on top.  It just burst with flavours and tastes homemade and authentic.

Like street food in general it's messy to eat and I ended up using lots of kitchen paper as the sauce was dripping everywhere.

I wasn't sure if if I should use my fingers or the plastic spoons, I made a mess but a delicious one!

The portion didn't look very big at first but was actually quite filling.

K Chido Mexico is a quirky little spot that is worth checking out if you like street food and find yourself in this area of Dublin. The vibrant colour scheme and street art outside definitely made me stop there in the first place but the food made me want to go back.

K Chido Mexico
Chancery Street
Dublin 7
Twitter @kchidomexico

This is an independent review, I paid for my meal.