Monday 7 April 2014

Postcards from Paris

Paris, Seine,

Last week, I spent three amazing days in Paris doing the things I love the most: eating and being with Mr. FFID. We spent three days eating non-stop, I swear, NON-STOP.

No Eiffel tower, Champs Elysées or other touristy landmarks for us, it was all about visiting bakeries, markets, chocolate shops and other foodie places that the city of light has to offer.

L'eclair de genie, french pastry, Paris, Le Marais

During our stay we mainly stayed in the 3rd, 10th, 11th and 6th districts in neighbourhoods like Le Marais, St Germain des près and Bastille which I love as they are full of great places for food lovers.

Many tourists take the metro which is quick and relatively cheap (smelly though) but walking is really the best way to discover the city. If you walk you realise the contrast between different areas and end up finding hidden gems you'd never find otherwise and you're more likely to discover the real Paris away from tourist traps.

Visiting Paris on weekdays is much more enjoyable, we were so lucky to get tables without reservations in very popular places. Many good places don't take reservations and at the weekend you'd have to queue for ever or just go somewhere else.

Even if it wasn't the weekend we ended up visiting a few food markets, there is a great listing here if you wish to check some out on your next visit.

There are so many restaurants and cafes and when you don't know the city it's easy to end up in a horrible overpriced place. If you love food, you'd better have a read of blogs and go to the places they recommend to avoid bad surprises. Here are some of my favourites and they were great resources during my stay:

- Lost in Cheeseland
- David Lebovitz
- Rachel Khoo
- Farfelue

I have so many places to recommend after my trip and I think they'd fit perfectly on FFID, so for the next few weeks the blog is going to be a mix of reviews of places both in Dublin and Paris. I hope you enjoy them and that they can be of use next time you go to Paris!