Monday, 10 March 2014

Meet and Meat, South William St, Dublin 2

Blog update: Meet and Meat is now closed

I still remember a few years ago when all you could find in Dublin was a ham and cheese toastie or a chicken fillet roll. Now Dubliners are spoilt for choice when it comes to sandwiches and even more so since Meet and Meat opened their doors on South William Street.

First of all the place looks brilliant from outside, with its red facade and striped awning. When you walk in you'd easily think that you had stepped into one of those fancy New York deli style eateries.

I was a little hungover and meeting a friend for lunch that day, I saw their breakfast menu but unfortunatly was too late... I think I'd have gone for a black pudding and apple chutney roll (€5) or a breakfast hot dog (€6.50) otherwise.

During the day, Meet and Meat is a coffee shop serving mostly gourmet sandwiches but also soups, roast meat and baked goods.  In the evening time the place turns into a wine bar with flat breads, charcuterie, cheese boards and light artisan food bites you can enjoy with some vino.

The interior is great with some cured ham hanging from the ceilings, black and white tiles, bricked walls and bistro style stools.

What about the food then? I ordered their 'Sticky ham and egg' (€6.90) which my hangover happily received. The bread was excellent, very fresh, light and filled with tender roast ham, bacon jam (oh yeah!), sauerkraut, pickles and dijon mayo.

My lunch companion went for the Rustic ruben (€7.50), a substantial option with the same delicious bread filled with pastrami, pickled fennel, roast beetroot, baby spinach leaves and American mustard. She enjoyed it a lot without sharing, I might have had a little sandwich envy there.

Sandwiches are pricier than most other places but they're good and the location is unbeatable. The evening menu seems reasonable: a tenner for a charcuterie board or €9 for a cheese board which I'm yet to try.  Meet and Meat is a nice little addition to the expanding gourmet sandwich scene, we don't have to be jealous of New York anymore.

Meet and Meat
1-3 South Willliam Street
Dublin 2

This is an independent review, I paid for my meal. 



  1. This sandwich looks so delicious. I would have it with a big mug of coffee with whipped cream and chocolate on top! Heaven!

  2. So lovely! Right near my old uni as well - if this had been there, I wouldn't have always had to settle for Spar!

  3. Wow!! Looks amazing. I'll definitely be giving that a try next time I'm in town. Thanks for sharing

  4. I just had a chicken & stuffing sandwich and it was awful. It would be on par with a chicken fillet roll from a centra. Majorly over priced at 6.80 for such a small portion. I will not be going there again or recommending it to anybody.

    1. That's a pity, I never order chicken sandwiches because they're often bland.

  5. Why is this place getting good reviews, I had a soup and sandwich, both were awful.

    Sandwich was plain and boring, the soup was absolutely tasteless and the cutlery was filthy. Sent the spoon back and they did not even flinch, as if its the norm!

    Hit Pepper Pot, Juniors, Oxmantown or 147 Deli for a good sambo.

    1. I had a good experience when I was there but you're the second person in a row saying it's not great. 147 Deli is my favourite place for sandwiches and Oxmantown is great too!