Friday 11 July 2014

Crackbird, 60 Dame Street, Dublin 2

Update: Crackbird is permanently closed

Do you like chicken? Well if you do then you’ll love Crackbird, as chicken is kind of the star on their menu.

I’ll be honest with you I’ve only  been to Crackbird twice. The first time I was a little drunk and the second time I was more than a little hungover (please don’t judge me too hastily).

Crackbird isn’t new, it’s one of Jo Macken’s restaurants, he also owns Skinflint, Jo’Burger and Bear.

Crackbird is located on Dame Street and it’s quite spacious and bright if you visit during the day. At night it’s quite dark and the music is loud.

The menu is short enough, you can order little dips and nibbles that cost from €4.25 to €5.75 such as the deviled egg dip. Then of course you have chicken (buttermilk, soy garlic, chicken brochettes…) with prices ranging from €4.95 to €19.95. They also make salads and have sandwiches for lunch as well as a few sides, along with many different sauces.

I recently met with a friend for lunch, I had a few drinks the night before so it sounded like exactly the food I needed.

I wanted something not to pricy so I went for the chili chicken crunches (€4.95), the croquettes (€3.95) with their burnt lemon and whipped feta sauce (€2). 

It did the job, the chicken was nice and crisp but what I like is their sauce, which was lovely to dip the croquettes in.   

I was very thirsty and had a huge jar of their lime ginger spritzer (€3.95), it was refreshing and the portion size was massive. 

My friend had the same thing, the chilli chicken crunches but with the chipotle baked beans. 

The beans were very good, nicely spicy.

I suppose people who don’t want to go to KFC or Nando’s go to Crackbird when they crave deep-fried chicken. Deep-fried chicken for hipsters perhaps. It’s funky, modern and the staff act a bit like they’re too cool for school. The setting is trendy but you wouldn’t stay too long, great if you’re on a night out in the area but I still prefer Skinflint.

60 Dame Street
Dublin 2

This is an independent review, I paid for my meal.