Friday 4 July 2014

Taste of Paris: Le Café des Chats (The Cat Café) (75003)

If you don't like cats then look away now, as there will be more felines than food here today. I love cats (I have two) and I couldn't possibly miss a visit of Le Café des Chats (cat café) when last in Paris.

When you enter the cat café you're greeted at the reception area, it's highly recommended to have booked in advance as they often have a waiting list. We were lucky to just walk-in and get a table as it was during the week. Before you enter the café you're told to wash your hands and are given some instructions (not to wake the cats, not to feed the cats, not to use the flash...).

There are two levels in the café, the one upstairs is bright and cosy with a sofa and a few tables, with plenty of cats lying down by the window.

We were sitting in the shabby-chic vaulted basement level which was quite atmospheric and where most of the cats were.

The cat café is a tea room, their menu features a range of tea as well as salads, quiches, cheese and meat boards and lots of cakes. You can even drink wine of course, it is France. Beware, prices are quite high.

We had lunch prior to our visit so we just sat there with hot drinks and enjoyed the company of all the furry felines. There are 12 in total and there was a sheet on the table with their names and stories written on it.

The atmosphere is very relaxing, the staff super friendly and you actually end up talking to people around you about the cats. You can tell that people are in a good mood, they're all cat lovers surrounded by their favourite animals.

The cats are very sociable and just live their little lives amongst strangers. They sleep, play, stare at you... They also have their own separate litter-room for obvious hygiene reasons.

They're curious and of course are more interested in you if you happen to have food.

Mr. FFID made a little friend who was fast asleep on his jacket... We obviously fell in love with this little guy.

We were tempted to bring a few of them back to Ireland with us but we would probably have been in trouble. If you love cats, go to Le Café des Chats, I know you'll love it and you'll leave the place with a big smile on your face!

Le Café des Chats
16 rue Michel Le Comte
75003 Paris