Wednesday 13 May 2015

Cafe Crush: Kaph, Drury Street, Dublin 2

I was talking with some friends the other day and telling them how much I love Kaph, yet somehow never blogged about it. They asked me why and I couldn't come up with a reason. Maybe it's because I spend an awful lot time there and never think about it.

It isn't a new place and it's always busy so I might not reveal anything new here but Kaph is an independent coffee shop located on Drury Street in Dublin's creative quarter. With its contemporary design it is a beautiful little modern cafe which specialises in high quality coffee.

At first sight you might think it oozes hipsterness but I find it to be a great little laid-back spot with friendly staff and an awesome playlist in the background. I tend to visit during the week when I can get a seat but when I pass by it at the weekends it always looks packed, always.

Funnily enough for a French person and regular of Kaph I don't drink coffee so I always go for their Matcha latte to keep me on a buzz. I know everyone says matcha tea is good for you because it's full of antioxydants and boosts your energy levels, well I find the matcha latte in Kaph delicious, warming and filling.

Foodwise it is quite limited as they primarily focus on coffee but they have delicious toasties that I believe are from Oxmantown and even if they're a little pricey (€6.95) are some of the best you'd find in the Irish capital. They also sell small sweet things including paleo treats which I haven't tried.

What I also like in Kaph is that they support local artists by showcasing their work in the room upstairs. This initiative was launched in 2013 by Orlaith Ross from Making Space and it's a great way to introduce coffee drinkers who visit Kaph to local talents. I've actually seen an artist selling one of her pieces to someone in the cafe once when I was there and it was rather cool to witness that sort of exchange.

Another reason why I love this place is their free wifi but please be aware that if you don't like people using their laptops in cafes this isn't the place for you. During the week the room upstairs is mostly filled with macbook users, great for young entrepreneurs or students who wish to work away from home.

Kaph is a deadly little space and you should visit it if you haven't already, enough said.

31 Drury Street
Dublin 2

This is an independent review, I paid for my meal.