Friday 31 July 2015

Brunch at Super Miss Sue

Super Miss Sue , best fish and chips

Update: Super Miss Sue is now closed

A few weeks ago, Mr. FFID and I wanted to have brunch in a place that serves something other than your regular eggs benedict, so we went along to Super Miss Sue. I love the concept of the place, which is pretty much three restaurants in one. First you have Cervi, a trendy chipper serving the best fish and chips in Dublin. Downstairs you'll find the recently opened and sexy dining room of SMS Luna, which I’m dying to visit. Then there is Super Miss Sue, the seafood restaurant/cafĂ© on the ground flour which we went to for our weekend brunch. 

Despite SMS mainly serving seafood the brunch menu can satisfy non-fish eaters too with options ranging from €3 for a caramelized pink grapefruit to €15 for Spinach and culatello risotto with poached egg and parmesan.

The dining room is bright and classy with beautiful marble top tables and displays of Campari bottles on the shelves. On a sunny warm day the big windows can be opened which make you feel like you’re eating al freso, while still enjoying the safety of walls and a roof. As the room was so classy we even treated ourselves to a little alcoholic beverage to start things off with.

I liked the sound of the braised ham hock dish (€12) so naturally went for it. A colourful brunch dish with many different textures, the ham hock is served with cavolo nero, a poached egg, some crunchy pickled radish, croutons and topped with hollandaise sauce. A nice zingy and fresh brunch fare, which felt healthy-ish, buttery hollandaise sauce can only be good for you, right?

Mr. FFID ordered a winner: the duck sausage and egg muffin (€12). Maybe not as visually appealing as my dish but oh boy, so tasty! The meat was full of flavours and perfect with the red onion, it came with small crispy fried onions on a bed of rocket. This kind of stuff would beat a hangover any day.

While we were nicely satisfied the portions weren’t too massive like they are in some of the other brunch spots around. Personally I prefer this, as I dislike being too full or leaving food on my plate. 

The staff were very pleasant (very eye-pleasing too, sorry Mr. FFID it has to be said) and it felt like the swankiest brunch spot I’ve been to in a long time, without being over priced. Finally, it may sound odd to mention this in a review, but the bathroom is something special too, well worth checking out.

Super Miss Sue
2-3 Drury Street
Dublin 2


This is an independent review, I paid for my meal.