Monday 3 August 2015

French Foodie in Dublin is 3 years old!

Oh man, how did this happen? I can't believe I've been blogging for the last 3 years. I can clearly remember the day I started, never thinking anyone would ever read the blog. Now it's such a part of my life and all I can say is THANK YOU.

I often wonder who you are but sometimes I meet you in real life. Would you believe that when I went to book my wedding venue the woman behind the counter recognised my email address and told me she knew my blog? This is really when you realise that it's a small world, even over the internet. So who are you out there reading these words? To give you an idea, 71.3% of you are female and 49.3% aged 25-34. Thank you young ladies, I still have a few years ahead of me before getting older than my average reader... Regarding the location, 75.9% are based in Ireland (mainly Dublin, Galway and Cork) and the UK, US and France are my top countries after that. You're now more than 8800 people to follow me on Twitter, over 4200 on Facebook and over 5900 on Instagram and I'm absolutely chuffed!

A few months ago I had plans to blog more often (everyday) but it wasn't very realistic with so I'm trying to stick to three times a week. I've had ups and downs in terms of time and inspiration but I still enjoy it and at this stage I don't think I could live without the blog.

So many things have happened since I decided to share my food experiences back in 2012 and I'm lucky to say they have been mainly good ones. Between starting to work for myself to training in Ballymaloe Cookery School it has been a really enjoyable journey. Dublin has been getting better and better and the food scene has considerably improved too and is so lovely to see. The blog allowed me to switch from being an observer, to being part of the food scene and this is thanks to the community of people who have been so supportive over the past three years.

So MERCI beaucoup and I hope you'll stick with me for many more years to come!