Monday 13 July 2015

Review: Wowburger

My 'balanced diet' consists of eating whatever I want and running a few times a week; health freaks wouldn't agree but life is too short, don't you think? On Sunday Mr. FFID and I decided to go for a long run and I was proud to break my personal record: I ran 17 kilometres. However I have to admit all I could think of while jogging was the big fat burger I would enjoy afterwards, I probably even hallucinated a few times and was running after it to keep myself going!

Once the run was over Mr. FFID suggested a new place I never heard of before: Wowburger. Wowburger is located in the covered smoking area of the Workman's Club, just next to the great Texan inspired BBQ joint Bison.

I haven't been to the Workman's Club in ages but I've always liked that place. It was quiet when we got there, with just a few people enjoying their hangover cures in the early evening.

This burger place is open every day from 12pm to 9.30pm. It's a pretty casual spot with bricked walls, a red neon sign and quite an eye-catching red and yellow colour scheme.

There is a hamburger, a cheeseburger and a bacon cheeseburger on the menu ranging from €5.95 to €6.95, along with mini versions of them which are slightly cheaper. They also have fries, garlic butter fries, chilli fries and crispy onion bits as well as shakes and sundaes.

What I liked was the choice of free toppings, 12 of them which means you can choose exactly what goes into your burger. You order on one side and once ready your number will be called out over the tannoy to be collected on the other side. It took a little while even if it was not busy but it was well worth the wait!

As I don't particularly like eating in a smoking area we brought our food inside to a large purple room overlooking the river Liffey.

Mr. FFID had the bacon cheeseburger (€6.95) while I had the cheeseburger (€5.95) and we both went for a portion of fries (€2.95).

While I didn't have high expectations I was seriously impressed with those burgers, they were bang on.

The brioche bun was soft and buttery and held its shape perfectly, even with the amount of toppings crammed inside the burger.

The meat was juicy and perfectly seasoned while the portion of delicious fries was huge.

I'll be bold and tell you that Mr. FFID and I both preferred it to Bunsen in terms of flavour and price. The great thing also is that because you're in a pub you don't feel like you have to rush to eat it and for me it feels more comfortable that way.

While the choice of Irish craft beer was pretty limited, they did have a few bottles of Wicklow Wolf beer downstairs in Bison so we washed down our grub with a lovely American Amber ale. I'd say Wowburger is going to do very well and it's great to see a new kid on the block selling tasty burgers in Dublin.

The Workman's Club
11 Wellington Quay
Dublin 2

This is an independent review, I paid for my meal.