Wednesday 12 August 2015

Sharing the love: The Food & Beer Geeks

Fellow blogger Trish Patton from Girl from the Hills Blog is such a sweetheart. She has attended a few of my events in the past but she never told me about her foodie brother Brian until recently. 

Brian Patton is an Irish man who lives in Vienna where he owns Charlie P's Irish pub and Brickmakers. The Food & Beer Geeks is an Internet series featuring him alongside executive chef Peter Zinter as they travel the world in search of interesting food and drink concepts. I watched the first season and was hooked straight away as it focused on tacos, street food and craft beer in California. I have to say I find Brian's Irish wit very funny and it contrasts well with Austrian Peter's slightly more serious take on life, making them an enjoyable duo to watch. If I ever go to Vienna I'll definitely end up visiting one of Brian's places for the craic and for the food too of course!

I've subscribed to the Food & Beer Geeks' Youtube channel and I'm already looking forward to the next season which takes place in... Ireland, not to be missed for sure!