Tuesday 24 November 2015

5 Ireland-based Chefs to Follow on Instagram

I'm a big fan of Instagram, who isn't? I love looking at pictures of food and drooling over what restaurants and in particular chefs post, so I thought I'd compile a little list of some of my favourite Ireland-based chefs to follow.

Kevin Thornton
Chef and owner of Thornton's restaurant in Dublin, Kevin Thornton is also an avid photographer. Without a doubt the chef with the most artistic Instagram in Ireland, his dishes are picture perfect!

Katie Sanderson
Following Katie on Instagram is a must as her account has this little 'Kinfolk' touch. She works at the Fumbally cafe and does pop-ups dinners too. It's very much about seaweed, fermentation and vegetarian dishes. Stunning!

Bryan Mc Carthy
Bryan is the head chef at Greenes in Cork and his account is a mix of personal pictures and his dishes. His food pictures always make me hungry and his dishes are incredibly photogenic.

Jessica Murphy
I'm a big fan of New-Zealand born Jessica Murphy who co-owns Kai Galway with her husband. Following her on Instagram is the perfect way to get an insight into the cafe/restaurant. I can't get enough of the pictures of her sweet treats!
Follow @kai_galway

Aoife Noonan
Aoife works as a pastry chef in Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud in Dublin. This lady is seriously talented (and beautiful), thanks to her you can see what amazing desserts and petits fours are being served in Ireland's only two Michelin star restaurant.
Follow @aoifenoonan_