Monday 8 February 2016

The Cosiest Bar in Dublin: The Library Bar

As much as I love many of Dublin's independent caf├ęs there is one thing they often lack: cosiness. So when I don't want to hurt my bum sitting on a uncomfortable stool and need to find some tranquillity in the heart of Dublin city centre there is one place I always head to: The Library Bar.

It's located in the Central Hotel on Exchequer Street. The main room is beautiful, atmospheric and they have the most comfortable couches and armchairs to sit on.

On a winter afternoon it's just perfect to get out of the cold and sit by the fireplace, you could easily stay for hours without being rushed.

This is the place for quiet chats, meetings or to work on a laptop as they have free wifi.

Ok so you won't get fancy tea or speciality coffee but still, the cosiness, warmth and table service make up for it.

It's hardly a hidden gem but if you haven't been before then it's well worth a try, especially on days where the weather is miserable.

The Library Bar
Central Hotel
Exchequer Street
Dublin 2

Disclaimer: this is an independent review