Friday 22 April 2016

Where to Buy The Best Bread in Dublin

I live in the city centre and I always complain that there is no bakery in my part of the city. I make my own sourdough bread but because it's a long process I can't always predict my bread cravings. I have a few places I go to to buy bread though, so here is my selection of the best places to pick up a loaf or baguette.

Le Levain Bakery - Temple Bar Food Market

The Temple Bar food market is on every Saturday and this is where you can find the best bread (in my opinion) in Dublin. Ross Crowe trained in France for many years and he makes delicious sourdough breads for Le Levain Bakery. Unfortunately he doesn't have a retail bakery but there are a few places where you can get his breads and I'm always happy when restaurants serve his bread. The stall at the market is located next to Film Base on Curved Street.

Sheridans Cheesemongers 

In Sheridans cheesemongers you can also find baguettes from Le Levain bakery as well as bread from Tartine Bakery. Tartine bakery is a wholesale bakery owned by French man Thibault Peigne. He makes organic sourdough breads and his baguettes are on sale in Sheridans Cheesemongers amongst other places.

Fresh Smithfield and Grand Canal Quay

You can also buy artisan breads in both Fresh shops. You have a selection of breads from Arun bakery where czech baker Vlad Rainis and his Stoneybatter based team specialise in sourdough breads.
Fresh also sells breads made by Firehouse bakery which is located in Delgany co. Wicklow (they also have a bread school on Heir Island in Skibbereen co. Cork).

Fallon and Byrne

Food emporium Fallon and Byrne have an onsite bakery and sell a wide selection of breads. Baguettes, sourdough breads, focaccia, soda breads and much more can be purchased there. They also sell organic sourdough breads from Tartine Bakery as well as Poilane bread, the most famous sourdough bread made in Paris.

The Green Door Market

Tartine Bakery has also a stall at the Green Door Market.

Avoca Suffolk Street

I often buy organic rustic baguettes (made by Le Levain) downstairs in Avoca Suffolk street. They also have their own breads.

Honest 2 Goodness Market

Every Saturday Arun Bakery have a big stall of their products for sale at the Honest 2 Goodness Market in Glasnevin. In addition to their vast selection of breads, they also have sweet baked goods.