Friday, 26 August 2016

Life: Mrs and Mr FFID's Wedding

Today is a bit of a special post for me as I'm blogging about... my wedding. I'm not a fan of sharing too much about my personal life on the Internet but a few weeks ago when I wrote an article on marrying Mr. FFID I was overwhelmed and touched by the number of good wishes I received from people whom I've never met.

I guess many people who read FFID feel like they know me a little by reading my food adventures. I got a few readers congratulating me when meeting me in Dublin in the last few weeks which was very lovely too. So I feel like I have to tell you a bit about our big day.

First of all I got married in Dublin; there was no way I couldn't get married in the city in fell in love with almost 12 years ago and where I met Mr. FFID. Since we met we have always lived in Dublin city centre so for us an urban wedding was the natural way to go.

It wasn't a typical Irish wedding nor a French wedding, I organised things very simply and did lots of things myself as I love a bit of DIY. Mr. FFID and I didn't want to stick to any conventions, we wanted a wedding that looked like us and it went exactly the way we wanted to. The one important thing was the meal, I wanted good food as you can guess.

How did the day go?

I booked a Hi Fi room at the Dean Hotel, this is where I got ready before the ceremony. It's a very funky hotel with great little touches in the room like the mini Smeg fridge and a vinyl record player. Our room was quiet so we didn't need the earplugs they provided.

We had a very intimate and unplugged (no phones nor cameras) ceremony in Dublin City Hall during which singer Anna-Mieke (thanks Aoife from Forkful for the recommendation) wowed everyone with her beautiful voice, especially when she sang La Vie en Rose in both English and French.

Our drinks reception and meal were had in the fantastic Delahunt restaurant, where their usual cocktail bar room was set up especially for our party, I was pleased that it was their very first wedding meal to be hosted there! We had the most delicious food, seasonal and wonderfully modern Irish. I'm not going to review the food at my wedding but it was the best food I've ever had at a wedding by far, I might be biased though...

Finally we partied in the cool private venue upstairs at Drury Buildings where DJ Dermot Kelly's deadly set made us dance all night! I set up a little candy buffet and there was also macarons from Cocoa Atelier for people to nibble on or bring home.

So here are a few of my favourite pictures of the day that can be shared here (expect food not people) and which were taken by my blogger and photographer friend Yolene.

We had the most amazing day and lots of fun! I wish we could do this every year...

I hope you enjoy the pictures, I am now Mrs. FFID and officially married to my hand model!



The Dean Hotel

Drury Buildings

All photographs © Yolene Dabreteau