Wednesday 14 September 2016

Travel: Sarlat Food Market, Dordogne Valley, France

I'm delighted to be sharing some pictures of Sarlat market with you today! I've only been to France once this year, on this blog trip to the Dordogne Valley so writing this is a lovely way to remember my native country.

I know when I was in Sarlat and posted pictures on Instagram and Facebook a lot of people seemed to know it already, with many having visited the area.

Sarlat is a stunning medieval town with beautiful buildings, residences and renaissance mansions. We arrived there on a Friday night, in order to be there for the Saturday market the next day.

The weather was amazing when we got up and it really felt like a beautiful summer day, even though it was only May. After a quick city tour we admired the view from Sarlat's panoramic transparent elevator. The 360-degree view was amazing from the top and we could see the whole city and surroundings. I don't seem to have taken pictures though, I probably just enjoyed the moment...

Now obviously for me the highlight in Sarlat was the market which takes place every Saturday, all year long.

I loved the buzzing atmosphere which reminded me how much I miss French food market sometimes. Seeing all the seasonal fruits and vegetables, people trying to sell you saucissons (cured sausages) or tempting you with mountains of nougats...

I got almost dizzy at seeing all the strawberries, radishes and asparagus... they really brought back the food memories from my childhood.

There were also so many products made with duck or truffles at both the market stalls as well as in the village shops. I think that's probably why I loved the city so much. I bought a few saucissons, had a foie gras cannelé and bought a jar of escargot spread to bring home.

We also had the chance to meet a local chef who brought us around the market to get the ingredients to cook lunch for us in his own flat. He lived very close to the market and it was brilliant to enjoy fresh local produce and wine with him and my travel companions.

I can't recommend a visit to Sarlat highly enough and if you are still not sure, make sure to look at the article from blogger Rachel whom I wandered the market with, she took lots of pictures which will give you a good sense of the place.

Au revoir for now!

Disclaimer: I was a guest of the Dordogne Valley tourism board, the local tourist boards and airports on this press trip. The full trip was complimentary, however I was not paid to write this article. As usual, all opinions (including my love for French food and France) are my own!