Friday 9 September 2016

Lifestyle: Electric Picnic 2016

If you've been reading FFID for the last few years you know I'm a big fan of Electric Picnic. To be honest it was probably the thing I was looking forward to the most this year, after my wedding of course. And once again, it didn't disappoint.

I bought tickets for Mr. FFID's birthday a few months ago and we were really looking forward to it. They weren't cheap and I had to pay in instalments but I couldn't possibly miss the most exciting festival of the year.

As usual we bought lots of nice cheese, charcuterie and craft beer, decanted my organic wine in plastic bottles and off I went to Stradbally with Mr. FFID, camping with two friends of ours with whom we've been going with for the last few years. It may sound weird to some but I love camping, I used to camp every summer in France. While camping in Stradbally is a world away from camping in France, I still love it.

At EP, a lot of the people over 30 and not lucky enough to have VIP tickets or glamping accommodation tend to stay in the Charlie Chaplin campsite, probably the least worst of the regular campsites. I didn't have a shower for three days, but it's all part of the experience I suppose!

There were many gigs I wanted to attend but because the festival is so huge I didn't get to go to everything, plus I had to leave on Sunday afternoon so unfortunately I missed New Order and Lana Del Rey... c'est la vie.

The weather was lovely on Friday, pretty dreadful on Saturday morning but thankfully cleared up after that. I didn't pay so much money to let the rain ruin my experience and I still had a blast. We had a big tent and I had everything I needed for the bad weather, so it was all grand!

My highlights were The Chemical Brothers and LCD Soundsystem but I also loved King Kong Company (I have to go to one of their Dublin gigs) and Cathy Davey.

 The throwback parties from Electric Ireland were also great fun!

The talented Anna-Mieke who sang at my wedding was also at Electric Picnic on Saturday and it was lovely to be able to listen to her beautiful music.

In terms of areas, I loved hanging around Body and Soul, the trailer park (especially the wine bar) as well as Global Green.

It might not sound like me (I'm not known for being the healthiest eater) but I absolutely loved the kefir drinks and raw vegan treats from My Goodness Food, seriously tasty stuff.

The Cheesy Bread stall was definitely a winner when it rained, their bacon and cheese bread was the most comforting food ever.

The last thing I ate at the festival was the meat combo from Kinara Kitchen which was deliciously spicy and went down a treat while the sun was shining.

Oh and the corn dogs were my favourite drunk food but they weren't very photogenic.

I was sad to leave but I'm already looking forward to Electric Picnic 2017, I'm addicted!