Monday 5 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide 2016

It's already December and time to think of what you're going to get for your loved ones. Mr. FFID asked me to publish a Christmas gift guide twice in the last week, he must think Santa reads my blog or something.

Anyway, I compiled a list of things I either own already or that I wouldn't mind finding under my Christmas tree on the 25th of December. You will notice that in terms of cookbooks I'm a big fan of Middle Eastern food in general but I also included other fun gifts in the list. Hope you like my Christmas gift guide, happy shopping & merry Christmas!


1. Jamie Oliver's Christmas Cookbook

Being a sucker for Christmas I was delighted to see Jamie Oliver's latest cookbook is all about Christmas food. The book includes Christmas classics along with recipes for edible gifts and more; full of inspiration for the Christmas holidays.

2. A Simply Delicious Christmas by Darina Allen

I mentioned Darina Allen's Christmas cookbook last year but somehow Santa didn't seem to have read my blog. The deluxe edition is a revised and updated 25 anniversary edition of the original. It's the only book from Darina that is missing from my collection.

3. Palestine on a Plate by Joudie Kalla

This book is a celebration of Palestinian food and the ingredients used by Joudie's mother and grandmother. I own a copy and love the beautiful photography and the vibrant, mouth-watering dishes. From breakfast fare to beautiful cakes, if you like ingredients like tahini, cardamom and za'atar you'll love this book!

4. The Brother Hubbard Cookbook

I was delighted for the lovely Garrett Fitzgerald when I saw he wrote his first cookbook recently. He's the owner of Brother Hubbard (one of the best cafes in Dublin) and his cook includes many dishes from their menu including the delicious eggs menemen.

5. Simple by Diana Henry

A book for people who love cooking simple but flavourful food, by one of the best food writers out there. It's her tenth book and she seems never to lack of inspiration. The recipes don't require the use of obscure ingredients and are guaranteed to please your taste buds.

6. Sirocco by Sabrina Ghayour

I have Sirocco and I absolutely love this book. The cover is so beautiful that you don't really want to stain it with food, the photography is simple yet stunning and the recipes easy to recreate. Everything I cooked from this book so far was delicious. I think it's sold at a great price on Amazon at the moment so check it out!

7. French Country Cooking by Mimi Thorisson

I'm a big fan of stunning French blogger Mimi Thorisson and her Instagram account would almost make me want to move to the Medoc in France. It's her second book, with the incredible photos taken by her husband. It features 100 recipes all inspired by the region where she lives.

8. The Saffron Tales by Yasmin Khan

Another one of my favourite books this year, the Saffron Tales bring you straight to Yasmin Khan's Persian kitchen. Think saffron, pomegranate, dates and learn about Iranian food and culture. Not only are the recipes vibrant but Yasmin's stories are also a great read.

9. The Little Book of Hygge by Weik Wiking

I was in Denmark last month and couldn't believe how perfect the country and its people seemed to be. Well, you have probably heard of 'Hygge' at this stage, the term that  describes the cosiness that the Danes seem to excel at. The Little Book of Hygge might just make you want to adopt the Danish lifestyle.

10. Samarkand by Caroline Eden & Eleanor Ford

This was the latest addition to my cookbook collection (thanks Mr. FFID!). Once again, a book with a beautiful cover and full of colourful recipes from Central Asia and the Caucasus. There is a chapter dedicated to 'breads and doughs' and the desserts recipes are fabulous. A cookbook that is guaranteed to make you virtually travel!

11. Delicious Dublin Tours gift voucher

How about a gift voucher for one of my Delicious Dublin food tours? It's a perfect gift for any foodie and I promise to look after the voucher's recipient very well. You can purchase a Delicious Dublin Tours gift voucher here.

12. Small Irish Craft beer box  (€40) - Baggot Wines

Mr. FFID and I usually buy craft beer in Baggot Wines as they have a great selection. I like the idea of a small Irish craft beer box which includes 10 beers and a beer glass. One to get for the craft beer lover in your life.

13. Prêt-à-Portea Afternoon Tea at the Merrion Hotel

The Merrion Hotel is launching the Prêt-à-Portea afternoon tea on Saturday 28th of January. Pastry chef Mourad Khiat and his team at the Berkeley London will be in the Merrion for a week to serve their fashion inspired afternoon tea. The afternoon tea is priced at €45 per person or €58 with the Prêt-à-Portea book.

14. Skinny Dip Avocado phone cover

I have this avocado phone cover and bought in in Skinny Dip next to Topshop in the basement level of Arnotts. The brand has quite a few food related phone covers that are very quirky and could be great stocking fillers.

15. Most Important Zeal of the Day bag - Modcloth

I love this American website where you can find lost of food themed clothes and accessories. This little tote bag has coffee, eggs, toast and bacon on it, I find it totally cute! Beware, taxes might be added to your order afterwards.

16. French toast socks - Forever 21

I own a few pair of socks from Forever 21 including these French toast socks. They have lots of different types and sometimes tote bags with fun food prints on them.

Disclaimer: this list is based on my personal recommendations of either things I own or would like Santa to bring me. There is no sponsorship nor affiliate links involved in this post.