Wednesday 7 December 2016

Hot Toddies on the Terrace at the River Lee Hotel, Cork

During my food tours I mention county Cork numerous times. It has to be said, they have some great food producers down there and generally know how to celebrate them. So it was a no brainer when I was recently invited to stay at the River Lee Hotel in Cork to attend the launch of their Local Taste Toddies on the terrace menu. 

I walked from the English market to the hotel, arriving at sunset. The sky was beautifully pink and it was a very pretty sight as the hotel is set on a bend of the river Lee. The River Lee is an award-winning hotel and part of the Doyle Collection group so obviously I expected it to be nice and wasn't disappointed. The hotel was modern, elegant and comfortable. There's even a health and fitness club with a spa and a swimming pool which sadly I didn't have time to experience.

I was lucky enough to stay on the 5th floor (the executive floor) from which you can enjoy great view over the city and also access the executive lounge. 

The room was super spacious with a great workspace and big windows.

In the evening our group were welcomed by bar manager Pierce Lowney who introduced us to the menu of their Local Taste Toddies on the terrace and we got to listen to Cathal O'Brien from West Cork Irish Whiskey in Skibbereen and Rubert Atkinson from Longueville Beverages talking about the history of both companies. 

We then got to make our own cocktail, a rather festive and delicious Winter's Berry which features Jameson whiskey.

After that we headed to the cosy terrace to taste some of the items featured on their Christmas and winter menu such as Skibbereen Hot Toddy, Warm Longueville cider and mulled wine, because it's Christmas after all! 

The terrace was very cute and cosy with comfy seats, warm Donegal tweed blankets and even hot water bottles. 

In terms of food they have homemade cookies and cream  as well as a selection of warm pretzels if you fancy something savoury to soak up the beverages.

So if you find yourself in Cork city this winter and are looking for some local festive drinks you know where to go. Don't worry if you can't make it to Cork, I have a little recipe for you!

Skibbereen Hot Toddy

The River Lee’s Skibbereen Hot Toddy Cocktail from the new Hot Toddies Menu A twist on the old favourite, made with local whisky produces in Ireland's Gold Medal town; Skibbereen
Skewer of fresh ginger & folded lemon, coated in rich honey & doused in West Cork Whisky.

1 shot of West Cork Whisky                                             1 spoon of honey
1 thick slice of lemon                                                          Loose cloves
2 thin slivers of ginger

Pour whisky and honey in to a glass cup
Add hot water
Place cloves in lemon slice
Dress with skewer of ginger and lemon on side, on square side plate with napkin

Disclaimer: My stay at the River Lee was complimentary as I was there to attend the launch of their Local Taste Toddies on the terrace menu. I was not paid and I gave no undertaking to write an article. As such, the words and opinions above are all mine. Thanks to the River Lee for their hospitality!