Thursday 20 April 2017

A Great Cafe in the Heart of the Liberties: Legit Coffee

I live in what I'd count as quite a 'real' part of the Northside of Dublin (shock horror) but whenever I find myself on Meath Street or wandering around the Liberties I always think 'This is real Dublin'. I love it, there is a mix of people, old and new businesses and lots of randomness; I venture round there on far too rare an occasion.

One place I've always wanted to go back to after visiting last year for a quick Matcha latte and madeleine stop was Legit Coffee, which is right in the middle of Meath Street. 

Legit Coffee has a lovely design, the front room has a counter loaded with sweet treats, a big front window through which you can watch the world of the Liberties go by, a communal table and some funky chairs and stools. There's also a room with more tables at the back.

They serve speciality coffee from Baobab, a micro coffee roastery located in Celbride, Co. Kildare and teas from Wall & Keogh. The breakfast and brunch menu features items like ham and cheese croissant, homemade granola, homemade sausage rolls, pulled pork benedict and a selection of sandwiches, soups and salads. Also, I saw a highly appetising stack of pancakes being devoured by a kid at a nearby table. 

I quickly grabbed the best table (the one by the window) and Mr. FFID and I were happy campers. Himself ordered at the counter and we ended up going for the same dish: the eggs and greens (€8.50). He topped his with chorizo (€2.50) while I had mine with feta (I don't remember the price for this). 

This was a satisfying brunch dish which included a slice of grilled sourdough bread with sauté spinach, beetroot hummus, mashed avocado, perfectly poached eggs topped with micro herbs and sprinkled with sesame and poppy seeds. It would be pretty difficult to get avocado on toast wrong but this version was a nicely 'pimped' one to which you can add hollandaise sauce, smoked salmon or mushroom if you'd like. 

Mr. FFID spent his brunch eyeing the dulce de leche cannelés which were on the counter and he bought one on the way out (€2.50). While it wasn't the prettiest cannelé (they're tricky to make in fairness), it was the first time I've seen one filled with dulce de leche and it was enjoyable. 

The great thing about Legit Coffee is that it's one of the few places serving brunch during the week. The bad news is that they're closed on Sundays, but other than that the place is totally legit.

Disclaimer: This is a fully independent, unsponsored post, with everything paid for by yours truly. 

Legit Coffee
1 Meath Mart Meath Street
The Liberties
Dublin 8