Monday 8 May 2017

FFID awarded 'Food Influencer of the Year' - A Big Thank You!

Hello everyone! I have great news.

Last week I was awarded 'Food Influencer of the year' at the SHEmazing Awards 2017. Me... I still can't believe it. It was down to public vote and there were some awesome people in the final, I really didn't think I'd won.

Mr. FFID and I attended the very glamourous ceremony at the Mansion House and being there was already brilliant but then when Daniella Moyles announced me as winner (after a long pause that seemed endless) I was completely astonished. It all happened thanks to YOU!

I'm so glad that even after almost 5 years, you think I'm still worthy of an award, value my blog and trust my recommendations. I'm very grateful for you taking the time to vote for me, even though most of you have never met me in real life.

I'm not writing this to blow my own trumpet but I know the people who voted for me will be reading this. I was very touched by all the lovely comments on Facebook and Instagram from people who have been following for the last few years. I feel very lucky to have you and can't thank you enough.

I've won awards in the past but this one is probably the most special because it happened during the week of my birthday and at a time when blogging and social media is changing a lot. As a foreign person it also means so much and warmed my heart.

So, merci, thank you!

While I was still active on social media it has been a little quiet here lately. I've had a few busy weeks, between traveling (which means lots of content coming your way), work and lots happening but now I'm delighted to be back here and can't wait to share my future articles.



PS: I was interviewed on the night of the awards, you can watch it here (from 16:00).