Tuesday 6 August 2013

Peacock Green, Lord Edward Street, Christchurch, Dublin 2

Update: Peacock Green is permanently closed

I noticed the stylish front of Peacock Green a few weeks ago before it opened and had the feeling I'd like it.

As Mr. FFID ans I were walking on Dame Street we saw it was open and just had to stop to have a look.

Oh la la! It's such a gorgeous looking coffee shop with very pretty decor. Little 'eat me' tags on the pastries, large jars filled with tea and vintage objects scattered all around the place, these were some of the little details I loved about this place.

On the shelf with the usual sugar, cutlery and napkins you can help yourself to jams and relish.

You can either sit on the stools downstairs by the window, facing Lord Edward Street or go for the little seating area upstairs.

It's quite cramped upstairs but cosy in a way, with quotes painted on the walls, a shabby chic chandelier and baroque frames covering the walls.

The milk is placed in lovely cow shaped jars and the cups have 'Paris' written of them. Trรจs stylish! As we had already eaten at home we only ordered a coffee, a tea and 2 little chocolate treats that were eaten before I took pictures of the cute crockery.

Unfortunately I can't comment on the food as I haven't tasted it, but it seemed fairly cheap: smoked salmon and spinach quiche (€3.95), small portion of salad (€3.95) or sandwiches (€4.95). They sell croissants, scones, cinnamon twirls, brownies and more, that I have to try next time.

It was filled with tourists due to the bank holiday weekend and its proximity to Christchurch. Mr. FFID said the coffee wasn't amazing and I had a regular tea but I liked the feel of the place. Ladies will probably love this coffee shop but guys might find it a bit too girly looking. I definitely think it's a nice addition to this area of the city centre. I actually found out there was another Peacock Green, a restaurant/deli on Leeson Street Loweer. Has anyone tried it?

Peacock Green
Dame Street
Dublin 2

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This is an independent review, I paid for my drinks.