Saturday 3 August 2013

French Foodie in Dublin's first anniversary!

Me and my birthday croissant, sorry you won't see my béret!

Mais oui! Times flies and FFID is one year old today, can you believe it? Let’s get a little more personal for this 1st blogiversary, shall we?

I remember being so nervous after clicking ‘Publish’ for my first post and thinking 'Who is going to read me?' Anyone can start a blog and write about any topic.
You chose your blog name, your platform, your design and there you go, you’re pretty much all set. You start writing and all your words are out there in the vast world of the internet. People you don’t know, your friends or even your colleagues can read you. It’s like giving a bit of yourself to strangers and unless people leave comments you don’t know what they think or even who they are.

On this blog I share my passion for food, my love for Dublin and all my delicious finds. This is the place where I can make people hungry, make them discover places, engage with food lovers and spread positivity about Dublin's burgeoning food scene. You have no idea how I enjoyed the last year, but hopefully you did too.

I took many pictures of macarons in a year
Somehow this blog also impacted on my personal life in a very positive way, with many good things happening in the last 12 months. I found a hobby that I enjoy and I’m passionate about. My eagerness for learning about Irish food and anything food-related in general grew hugely. I connected with people who share the same interests and made great new friends. I became more adventurous when eating out and tried dozens of new places. I developed my technology and photography skills. Funnily enough, I also started exercising to feel guilt-free when I overindulge and as a result lost lots of weight. I got an award and a few features I certainly didn't expect. Finally, I decided it was time to take a big leap and start food tours to bring the blog into a real life format.

Thanks to Mr. FFID, the very talented hand model on this blog

Stats have been great for FFID but what really made my blogging year fantastic were the emails, comments and positive feedback. A lady bought her wedding cake following my recommendation and thanked me afterwards: I would have never imagined my blog could impact on someone’s big day. Another person said I made her appreciate her hometown even more, which was very flattering. I got feedback from readers who talked about FFID at focus foodie groups, their workplace or even dinner parties. It really warmed my heart to feel appreciated and this is why I’m so committed to it now.

I’m so grateful to everyone who commented, retweeted, emailed or simply read me during the past 12 months and I thank you all a million times over for that. I’d recommend anyone who is passionate about a topic to blog about it, it’s a wonderful experience and a way to feel part of a community.

Joyeux anniversaire mon petit blog! Merci for reading!