Friday 7 August 2015

Mr. FFID’s Beer Cellar: Rye Ale by N17 Brewery

Before I even tasted the beer, I was really hoping I would like the N17 rye ale. I had heard about this new brewery last summer who were strong on the ethos of minimising waste and maximising the potential of everything from their grain to the people who work there.

Their website currently claims to have found eight uses for the byproducts of their beer, from dog biscuits to mushrooms. It really shows how creative thinking can cut down on waste.  N17 also see potential where others may not, in their hiring of people who might otherwise find it difficult to find employment, such as those with learning or intellectual disabilities.

I was delighted last year at the Irish craft beer and cider festival in the RDS when I finally got to try one of their beers, only to discover that good people do in fact, make good beer.

In your glass the beer settles with a clear amber to brown colour, with a decent off white head resting on top for the first few minutes. The smells are mainly of grass and sweet toffee and I personally wouldn’t pick out the rye if I hadn’t seen the label. The taste is where this beer really shines, caramel up front and gentle sweet fruits on the finish.

I’ve had a few bottles of this fella over the last 12 months and my advice would be not to drink it too cold. The sweet malty flavour, especially towards the end, will really shine through when the beer is just a tad warmer than usual serving temp. Just give it half an hour in the fridge, to drop a few degrees from room temperature and you should be ready to go.

I’ve only seen N17 beer in some of the better stocked off licenses around town; so if you do see a bottle, make sure to grab it. This is another flavoursome and drinkable Irish beer and I look forward to trying their new Summer Ale, although I might have to give up on waiting for a sunny day to drink it on.

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