Friday, 1 January 2016

2015 in Review

Happy New Year lovelies! I wish you lots of happiness and success for 2016 and above all lots of GOOD food.

2015 went past in the blink of an eye so I thought I'd do a review of the year, going over some of my highlights of the last year.

I have to admit that with the pressure of running my own food tours business and being a contractor for a few companies I found 2015 more difficult than any other year in terms of blogging. There have been times when I thought of stopping FFID; it's overwhelming to blog and work online all the time and there has been a lot of blogger bashing going around. However, I'm glad to have a supportive fiancé and good friends who know FFID on the other side of the screen. On the blog I always spare you the part where I cry from the stress or panic when looking at my credit bill after splurging on a meal.

I'm very motivated to improve the blog in 2016 and to keep the passion for it. I'm grateful to everyone who read this blog over the past few years, I make sure not to take you for granted as there are so many other blogs out there which you could read instead of mine. I'm also thankful to the Irish media for the many features and mentions I got over the last year, it was very encouraging and always meant a lot.

I will post a separate article about my best food of 2015 in restaurants/cafés but for now here are some of the personal highlights of 2015 which I'd like to share with you.


In January 2015 I left Dublin for Ballymaloe Cookery School where I did the intensive 12 week certificate cooking course. This was without doubt the biggest highlight of the year and certainly one of my life too. Spending three months away from Mr. FFID wasn't easy but my experience there taught me so much about food and about myself as a cook.


While I was living down in Cork I wrote a feature for the Irish Independent entitled 'Dublin, Je t'aime'  which was published on Valentine's Day. This was an ode to my beloved adopted city.


I studied in Ballymaloe until the end of March. The blog suffered a little from my time away from Dublin and even though I did my best to update it weekly it was a quite difficult after I came back to go back to food reviews after training in Ballymaloe.


On my return to Dublin I headed to RTE  to be interviewed on the John Murray Show.

I also published my interview with Marco Pierre White on the blog. It was quite something to have met him!


It didn't take me long to go back to Ballymaloe but this time not as a student but as a volunteer at the brilliant Litfest 2015 and let me tell you I will be there in 2016 too!

Thanks to the blog I was also fortunate enough to travel to Kent in England where I spent a weekend unplugged at the brilliant Innocent festival. Mr. FFID and I had a blast!

I wrote an opinion piece (There's no Such thing as free lunch: Do Bloggers Have Integrity?) as I was a bit annoyed at seeing people bitching about bloggers. Probably my favourite article of the year to be honest!

I also relaunched my food tours and rebranded them as Delicious Dublin Tours running them alongside working as a marketing/social media consultant for food businesses.


I unwound in France where I visited my family and soaked up some sunshine before a busy season of food tours.

After our holiday Mr. FFID and I who have been engaged for many years decided to set a wedding date and tie the knot in 2016. About time said our friends and family!


I shared my tips for a perfect picnic and welcomed the best contributor ever, Mr. FFID himself who started as a beer blogger with his Mr. FFID's Beer Cellar chronicle.


The blog turned 3 years old, I never expected it to last this long so thanks for keeping reading it!


I had a blast with my friends and Mr. FFID at Electric Picnic.

I also launched my Delicious Dublin Tours gift vouchers (they were very popular for Christmas!).


I ran my first ever Instagram challenge and loved all the interaction with people who took part. I also travelled to Reunion Island, It was actually nice to take a two week break from blogging to recharge the batteries! I will publish a blog about my trip soon to bring a little bit of sunshine in the middle of this rainy winter.


I shared some of my favourite food addresses in Paris and two days later the French capital was hit by awful terrorist attacks, it was really saddening and to be honest it touched me more than I thought it would even though thankfully no one I knew was affected.

This was the month of the year that dragged for me, I just wanted December to be here so I launched my Christmas Instagram challenge and also did a craft beer advent calendar for Mr. FFID.


I celebrated my 11 year anniversary of living in Dublin and decided to compile a bucket list with so many things to tick off in 2016.

Thanks again for all your support in 2015. I have so many articles to write in 2016 and I can't wait to share them all with you!





  1. Dear FFID,
    I have been thinking of writing to you a long time ago and never found a moment to do it so I though the start of the new year might be it. In summer 2015, I discovered your blog “by accident” while searching on the web the equivalent of “Merci Alfred” (it’s a web site that list all the funky venues, out of the main track places in Paris). Through the mysterious and sometimes fortunate realms of the internet I came across FFID. Your blog immediately caught my attention. Your passion for Dublin and your writing style are amongst many qualities that keep me hooked until now. I also loved the Ballymaloe journal and your tenacity to overcome all the challenges until the very end. We have somewhat similar background as I am also a French expat, only I’ve been living in Cork for 8 years now. I also worked for a big multinational which bear the name of a forbidden fruit for a while until I eventually found my own path and I am now happily working in a nursing home and I organize activities for elderly (baking is one of the activities on offer). Before reading your blog I’ve never had much interest in Dublin and knew only little about it bare the reputation of Temple bar and the overpriced concert tickets at the O2. If I came to Dublin it was for pure practical purposes: catch a plane, renew my passport, that’s pretty much it. The more I read you blog the more my curiosity got aroused. So last December a little plan germinated in my head. Why not follow Ketty’s food trail at my own pace over a couple of days? So here I was seating in Aircoach bus on an adventure to Dublin on a journey for my taste buds. To make a long story short, I had an incredible time in Dublin, I visited lovely seaside villages and went to do my own personal review of the Happy Pear in Greystone. These few days were a big eye opener on how exciting and diversified not only the food scene but also the music scene are. I also found where my favorite coffee place is. That is Clement and Pekoe (needless to see that I only stepped in because there was a bunch a saucy bearded Irish guys sitting outside. That makes another trait we both share). Also I met great people and I have now a genuine affection for the Capital. On the way back to the real capital I told all my friends how infatuated I am with this city. So in the name of all your anonymous readers I can say:
    Ketty, on t’aime
    Let me know if you ever come down to Cork, I’d love to assist you in your next food review there, I can be your next “hand model” ☺ ok I know there is only one and only, but just in case…

  2. ... I forgot to wish you a very happy new year, of course


    1. Dear Anais,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, that is SO sweet and it actually brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for reading my blog and happy new year to you too! Un grand merci :)