Saturday 2 January 2016

French Foodie in Dublin's Best of 2015

Best of 2015 - Dublin restaurants

So I checked my Best of 2014 article and realised my favourites in 2015 were pretty much the same. As a food blogger I certainly failed at rushing to all the newest food places last year and instead went back many times to my regular spots. There were also places I visited while I wasn't in the 'blogging mode' through work or with friends and which never got reviewed despite of being very good; I will make sure to go back to them and write about them next time. One of my new year's resolutions is to be more adventurous in 2016 and try more places I haven't been to, I hope I will stick to this one.

Now, are you ready to know all my 2015 favourites? Steady, go!

Best Restaurant - Etto / Delahunt / 777 / Middle Eastern Feast at Brother Hubbard

Sorry, it's simply impossible to pick a favourite because these places are so different from each other but they were my best dining experiences in 2015; also I can vouch for them because I visited them more than once. I reviewed Etto in 2014 but I've been back several times and I've always left with a big smile on my face. I visited Delahunt three times in 2015 and it was equally brilliant each time. I'm a huge fan of 777 and I had to stop Mr. FFID from going back every week for their pig's head dish! Last but not least, the dinner experience in Brother Hubbard has been one of my highlights, it's such a great idea for a cafe to open at night for dinner and the food didn't disappoint! 

Best Burger - Wow Burger

I know it's controversial but having been to different burger joints last year Wow Burger was by far my favourite. They serve a proper burger, I like the vibes in the Workman's Club, the staff are very nice and the burgers are the best value too.

Best Pub - P Mac's

Mr. FFID doesn't agree but it's my blog so it doesn't matter, my favourite pub of 2015 was P. Mac's. I like the music, the decor, the location and the selection of craft beers. Kudos to them because they always have a Lindeman's beer on tap!

Best Decor - De Selby's

De Selby's opened in 2015 and I actually haven't posted my review of it yet as I only visited recently. It's a stunning café/restaurant with an art deco feel. Stay tuned for the review coming soon. 

Best Event -   777's Halloween Party / Kolkata Street Food Experience at the Fumbally

I had the best time at 777's Halloween Party and highly recommend you to go next year. I also loved the food at the Fumbally's Kolkata Street Food Experience which I didn't review but enjoyed so much!

Best Sandwich - 147 Deli at the Big Grill

I've always loved 147 Deli but the pork neck and should sandwich they served at the Big Grill Fest last year was out of this world! It wasn't one of their regular ones but oh boy I will remember this one forever!

Best Value - Luncheonette

As well as being a very cool looking café, Luncheonette in the NCAD serves the best value lunch. I highly recommend it if you ever found yourself in the area at lunchtime! 

Best Hidden Gem - Press

I was so happy to discover Press last year, the perfect spot if you're looking for a relaxed brunch experience at the weekend. The place is so pretty, the food is simple but good and it's the kind of place where you could spend hours reading their beautiful food magazines. 

What were your favourites in 2015? Let me know in the comments below.