Wednesday 2 March 2016

5 Foodie Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

I have to be honest with you I haven't celebrated Mother's Day in ages. I love my mam but being an expat means I've missed most of the birthdays, Mother's Day and Christmases... Mother's Day in France is in May so I'm really just writing this post for you!

I imagined what would be nice to do with my mam this Sunday, and here are my top five suggestions (one includes shameless self-promotion). Now, go ahead and enjoy something special with you Irish mammy this Sunday!

You're mammy is young at heart

She loves a bit of a boozy brunch on a Sunday and she enjoys some funky tunes. Bring her to 777, their €7.77 specials are on every Sunday and you'll get a great value lunch/brunch. Now, I would only recommend 777 if your mam is like a friend you go out with. Read my review of 777 to get  a sense of the vibes.

Your mammy is a bit posh

How about an afternoon tea? I think it's one of the best ways to spend some quality time with your mammy, especially if she likes the setting of a classy hotel. The Art tea at the Merrion is my favourite but if you want something a little different you can go for a peculiar afternoon tea at the Westin or even the Gentleman's afternoon tea at the Morrison if she prefers beer, why not?

Your mammy is more of a seaside person

Bring her for a stroll on the pier in Dun Laoghaire, for some food shopping at People's Park Market followed by a meal in Fallon and Byrne. Nothing like a bit of seaside air followed by some grub in a beautiful restaurant to make your mam happy!

Your mammy likes pretty things

If you like nice food and shopping at the same time I'd say bring her to Avoca! You have a few options for this one. You can for for a walk in the park of the castle in Malahide and then head to Avoca for lunch. You can also walk by the sea on Dublin' Southside and end up in Salt Café in Monkstown for brunch or lunch. For a real treat, visit the branch in Kilmanogue for a bit of shopping and visit Fern House Café afterwards. Avoca in Rathcoole is also a brilliant option!

Your mammy is food obsessed 

Good, it means I would get on well with her and you can get her a voucher for one of my food tours. It always warms my little heart when I have a mother and a daughter on my tour as I feel like I'm creating some lovely memories for people (sorry if it sounds cheesy). You can purchase a voucher here, the latest posting date will be Thursday 3rd of March but I can also send you an email version after that. Check out Delicious Dublin Tours' website for more information.

picture: pexels