Saturday 31 December 2016

Best of 2016

It's the last day of the year so I thought I'd go back over my reviews and do a round-up of my favourite places in 2016. There were lots of openings in the last few months and sadly I didn't get to visit as many as I wanted, but I discovered some smashing new spots recently that I'll visit again in the new year.

I've been a bad blogger in some ways as I wasn't really looking for new content and I kept going back to my old favourites such as Brother Hubbard, The Pepperpot, Wow Burger, M & L Chinese, Etto and 777 but hey, there's nothing wrong with supporting businesses you love! Also I realised there were quite a few spots (coffee shops especially) that I visited on a regular basis and never got a mention here, but they're on my priority list for 2017.

Of course I didn't like or love everywhere I tried, but as usual I only wrote about the places that got the FFID seal of approval, below you will find my best of 2016.


My absolute winner of 2016 by a long shot, I visited Forest and Marcy twice and can't wait to go back. The chef's sharing choice menu is a fantastic experience for the taste buds in a beautiful, casual restaurant. It's so good that you'll forgive them for not allowing bookings!

I only visited Luna once, at the start of 2016 for a special occasion and really liked the overall experience. It's a one of a kind restaurant and I definitely have to go back soon. The only let down when I was there were the desserts but they have since upped their game with Aoife Noonan (whom I interviewed here before she started with them) joining as executive pastry chef. So I definitely have to go back for the dessert trolley alone!

I visited Locks three times before reviewing it in February 2016 and was charmed by this beautiful neighbourhood restaurant. The service was friendly and it felt very comfortable to eat there. The food was seasonal with many local ingredients featured on the menu. 

The year ended strong with Mr. Fox opening on the Northside, my latest crush of 2016. This was another restaurant where I felt comfortable and which served beautiful seasonal food, full of flavours. It was my first visit but certainly not my last!


A considerable amount of pizza spots opened in Dublin in 2016 and I actually tried most of them, but for me only two stood out.

Cotto is my favourite place for pizza in Dublin, well the one I order the most when I'm lazy and don't want to cook. Mr. FFID and I are big fans!

When a place does a merguez sausage pizza they certainly deserve a mention here! I loved their vintage pizza truck in Greystones and was delighted to see they opened a place in Dublin 8. They serve delicious French style pizza and the place is very cool looking. I wish I lived closer!


My favourite things to review here are without a doubt cafes and this year saw lots of cracking new spots appear across the city. For me the following three really stood out. 

Two Boys Brew are doing incredibly well and they deserve it. The place is gorgeous, the food is delicious and they are passionate about coffee. Great to see a spot like this opening on the Northside, can't wait to go back!

I had a total cafe crush on Meet me in the Morning and I'm sad not have visited more as it's not on my side of the city. Lovely place with delicious food, a must-visit!

It opened in late 2015 I believe but I only got to visit it in 2016 and was charmed by this tiny little cafe owned by a lovely couple. They make simple but tasty food and you feel like you're eating in their living room, such a cute spot!

Special mention

I have to add a special mention to my favourite meal out of the year in fantastic Delahunt where I had my wedding meal. It's a beautiful restaurant where Irish food is truly celebrated and it was amazing to eat there surrounded by all of my favourite people in the world.

I'm looking forward to seeing what new and exciting things will happen in Dublin's food scene in 2017 and as usual I'll report back on my best food discoveries.

Wishing you a happy and delicious New Year!